Game manual

This game is a demo/prototype. Feedback is welcome. You can report bugs and post suggestions to


Playing area (center)

Here you can see your ship and other stuff from a top-down perspective

Equipment (left side)

On the left side you have small boxes/buttons. These are the weapons/equipment
Click on the box/button to activate the equipment.
Then click on the playing area (center) to "fire" the selected weapons/equipment.

Sliders and loaders (right side)

Here you can control the output from the various weapons/equipment.

Use the sliders to decrease or increase the range or power.

Use the select boxes to change ammunition types.


The main resources is energy/electricity. Most equipment require electricity to operate.

Other important resources are rocket fuel and reactor fuel.
The resources are used when the equipment is active/activated.

Weapons / Equipment

Rocket engine

This is the impulse drive. It's a simple rocket design. It runs on rocket fuel.

Warp drive

Instead of accelerating the ship with old school rockets, the space around the ship is warped, and distances get shorter.

Needs lots of electricity.

Laser bank

After loading it with a beam generator it will fire powerful gamma rays that travel at light speed.

Uses electricity.

Torpedo Tube

Fire different types of torpedo's.


Send sensor beams to identify objects.

Uses electricity.


Automatically scans the surrounding area.

Mining drill

Land on an asteroid and then activate the mining drill to get minerals.

Reactor core

Used to create electricity. Needs reactor fuel to operate.


Mouse actions

Left click = Rotate the ship and active/fire all selected weapon/equipment .

Scroll wheel = Zoom in / out .

Camera control

The camera is set to follow the ship.

Arrow keys = Move the camera.

Enter = Reset the camera to the ship.

Ship control

If you do not want to use the mouse.

A = Rotate the ship to the left.

D = Rotate the ship to the right.

W = Thrust in the direction the ship is facing.

S = Make a 180 degree turn and thrust.

F = Fire all activated weapon/equipment, but not the rocket engine.

1-9 = Activate any weapon/equipment. Look for the small number in the bottom left corner.